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Stretch Press Controls

Microtrol Engineering Customizable ME-1250



Microtrol Engineering’s Fanuc based multi-axis stretch press CNC control for your sheet metal fabrication processes can control up to 32 axes of motion with velocity and position control of hydraulic servo valves.

The customizable Microtrol Engineering ME-1250F CNC Fanuc Based stretch press control will increase your production and quality for various skin and extrusion forming processes. Using interpolation style feed, we can control the stretching speed down to .1 inches per minute for precision forming reducing luter marks and cracking.

The new ME1250F series can use the existing programs from all of the Demott Replay control systems that allow the customer to keep all of their original engineering programs to minimize the reprogramming of their parts.

  • Customized HMI and data entry written in Visual Basic to your needs.
  • Up to 32 axes of velocity and position hydraulic servo valve control.
  • Up to 16 solenoid directional control axes
  • Recipe or CNC program storage up to the limit of the Hard Drive memory.
  • Fanuc PMI-A CNC Controller interface to control PC.
  • Industrial Advantek PC or Fanuc iHMI all in one for reliability and performance.
  • ‚ÄčOn-line PMC monitor for troubleshooting machine problems
  • Fully parameterized SERVO and operational functions for customization.
  • Yield point detection with real time status of search.
  • On screen real time charting of yield with programmable scaling and chart export.
  • Programmable motion movement such as general positioning, synchronized axis motion and force motion.
  • Programmable pressure control system for Bulldozer type machines utilizing servos instead of manual EHST valves.
  • Load, Snug, Pre, Form, Post, Relax and Unload cycles that have their own step programs with unlimited steps.
  • Easy to use spreadsheet style step program editor.
  • Cyril Bath
  • Sheridan Gray
  • Hufford
  • Erco
  • Erie Presses
  • L&F Presses