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Custom Automation Services

Autoriveters, Verson Press Upgrades, Glaze Spray Controllers, VB6 HMI Displays

Microtrol Engineering can provide you with custom automation engineering service for your manufacturing needs. Whether a simple project such as a inspection gauge to a large job like a multi- axis riveting system, we can supply the needed technical support to get you project off the ground and running.

We offer other retrofit-related products and services, including custom automation, custom magnetic panels, expert electrical and mechanical services for machine tool repair, and preventive maintenance.

We can provide a PLC automation solution for you specific needs utilizing CPAC, AB and Omron PLC Controls

Some of the projects we have built:

  • Multi-zone kilns for the tile industry
  • Stretch press control systems
  • ​Multi axis rivet system for the aerospace industry
  • Automatic tile cutters
  • High speed drawing presses
  • Verson Bladder press controls
  • Glue dispensing machines
  • Track rail cutter systems
  • Robot part loaders for machine tools
  • Automotive wheel inspection gauging
  • Train wheel axle cutting system
  • Train wheel inspection systems

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